Joseph Ghaleb

I shoot, therefore I am.

i shoot. therefore i am.



Joseph Ghaleb is a creator. Out of creation comes a fine-artist, self-taught filmmaker and certified embodiment teacher.

Joseph has endless thirst for awakening his best and helping others to the same. At a very young age, the intensity of the sensory world has always made him feel like a mutant at times, yet fortunately, like any good hearted mutant, he felt the need to give back by capturing life through film with a natural intuition for evoking feeling and depth. Along the way he created sensual, poetic and mesmerizing fashion film work that always reflect his inner contemplative nature.

Joseph also currently owns THE OPEN MIND’S JOURNEY, where he publishes his thoughts along his journey and shares his insight into his personal experience with Spirituality, Meditation, Awareness, Self-Confidence, Dating, Lifestyle Design & Personal Sovereignty. It has become very clear that his life’s purpose is to combine both filmmaking and therapy to share a message and deeply impact people’s lives. 

Having initially studied graphic design, Joseph somehow approached photography and filmmaking with high meticulous attention to detail and a devotion in arousing the meditative / the aesthetic regardless of the subject or the client. Who knows whether it was his inner longing to understand the world around him that brought him to the camera or the other way around. Joseph is usually the director, cinematographer, editor and colourist for all of his work.

"Joseph has an ability to see things beneath and within that the average mind will never penetrate. His sensibility is a gift." - Andrew L

2013 - ArtHere Canada Photography Winner
Nightlife Magazine
Geotourisme 2011
Stigmart 10 2014 Special Edition Issue
LA Gold Standard
2016 -- Aesthetica Film Festival BAFTA UK
2014 -- Aesthetica Film Festival BAFTA UK
2014 -- Stigmart/10 Film Festival
2009 – Montreal – Rendez Vous Du Cinema Quebecois
– Art & Experimentation Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois

NEWS - 10/01/16

ASFF 2016 Official Selection for Fashion Film IRIS & IVY  - ''BAFTA Aesthetica Film Festival'' 

NEWS - 12/03/15

Featured Director on New York Based Tech Company CINEMATIQUE  - ''One of the top 10 most innovative video website technologies'' -FAST COMPANY